Don’t Underestimate The Power of Local SEO

Too many churches do not invest resources into optimizing their online presence for local searches. What church is popping up when you type "churches near me?" Don’t miss an opportunity to grow your church.

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Google My Business

Did you know you can carve out your own “digital address” on Google? Leveraging the power of Google My Business, White Oak Media makes sure that when people look for local churches, your church shows up first.

Stand out online. Bring people in person.

What good is being online if nobody sees or hears of your organization? With Local SEO we can guarantee your church stands out from the crowd. Don't know what SEO is? Check out this blog post to learn more.

What is SEO?

Benefits of Local SEO

Increased Attendance

How are people going to go to your church if they don't know it exists? With Local SEO, you can make sure that people are finding your church when they start looking online.

Targeted Reach

Your church's goal is to reach people in your community, and Local SEO is how you do that.

Compete With Other Churches

While we understand it isn't a race to fill out the pews, it is still important that your church stands out if you want it to grow. With Local SEO, you can make sure that it does.

Cost Effective Marketing

Local SEO is inexpensive and packs a heavy punch in marketing value.

What To Expect From Us

A Complete Site Audit

We will analyze your site for speed, functionality, broken links, heavy code, and then fix it all.

Improved Structure

Did you know Google will kick your site to the bottom of a search result if it is structured poorly? We will fix it up for you, and provide you with site structure map.

Better Search Engine Ranking

Ever dream of being at the top of a search engine result? Local SEO will get you there.

Increased Traffic

When your site does well, so does your church. You can expect to see your website traffic grow.

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