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per month in Google Grants

With the Google Grant program, every eligible non-profit can get up to $10,000 per month for digital marketing. We guarantee you will get into that program, and we will manage the marketing on your behalf.

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It's $10,000 a month. What are you waiting for?

Every month, Google gives $10,000 to eligible non-profits to use for Google Ads. Using this grant, White Oak Media brings people back to your website and to your church. We can guarantee you will be accepted into the program. The best part? We will manage the ads for you.

Stand out online. Bring people in person.

White Oak Media is made up of pastors and marketing professionals. We understand what your church needs, and we know how to leverage digital marketing to make it happen. Still not sold on it? Check out our blog post on the topic.

Google Ad Grant For Churches

Benefits of using the Google Ad Grant

Increased Visibility

Google Ad Grants can significantly enhance the online visibility of your organization. By appearing in Google search results and displaying ads on relevant websites, you can reach a wider audience, raise awareness about your cause, and attract more visitors to your website.

Expanded Reach

You can target specific keywords, demographics, and geographic regions. This allows you to tailor your ads to reach the right audience, engage potential supporters, and connect with individuals.

Better Fundraising

You can leverage Google Ad Grants to promote your fundraising campaigns, events, or donation drives. By strategically creating ads and directing users to specific landing pages, you can encourage individuals to contribute financially, volunteer, or get involved in other ways.

Cost Effective Marketing

Google Ad Grants provide nonprofits with a valuable marketing resource at no cost. By utilizing these grants, organizations can allocate their limited budgets to other critical areas, such as program delivery, services, or supporting their mission, while still benefiting from online advertising.

There are a lot more benefits, too!

What To Expect

Monthly Metrics

Every month you will get updated results on how your ads are performing.

Increased Website Traffic

Get ready for your website to grow exponentially. Once the ads are up and running, you'll see a lot more people on your site.

Better Search Engine Ranking

Ever dream of being at the top of a search engine result? Google Ads can help drastically with that.

Increased Engagement

Websites aren't meant to just look pretty. They are meant to drive engagement and increase conversions of your choice.

What people are saying

I'm always impressed by the design instincts, work ethic, and hunger that Zachary (White Oak) brings to each project. He has  the right kind of eye to make sure things are done both beautifully and strategically. Not falling into the all too common overindulgence in what LOOKS good, and sacrificing results oriented best practices. He brings both to the table.

-Zach Lavalley

Working with White Oak has been huge for our church. We’ve utilized his Google Ads expertise and have seen a dramatic increase in our online reach and visitor attendance. We absolutely recommend White Oak Media to every church/non-profit.

-Eric Cappelli

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