Helping churches reach more people in their community.

At White Oak Media, we specialize in empowering churches with exceptional digital solutions. Our expertise in custom web design, SEO optimization, and digital marketing ensures your church connects with its community effectively and meaningfully.

Working with White Oak Media has been great! I am very happy with the work they have done so far. They understand our ministry’s goals and have provided content that is in line with our vision. They are very responsive and truly want to help our ministry succeed.
White Oak has been a game changer for our growing church. We are now consistently seeing new people every week. There is a consistent stream of new faces who found us on the Internet.
I have worked with Zach at White Oak Media twice now, and I have had such great experiences both times. He is professional and timely in his work. He has built my website from scratch and takes the time to listen to my wants and needs for it.
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I'm Zach Green.

I started White Oak Media to help churches extend their reach past Sunday morning and into every day of the week. 5 years later we work with church's across America to help them reach their community with the Good News. Take a look at how we can help your church reach more people!

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Our Products

ChurchChatAi is an AI plug in that goes on every page of your website with one goal: providing information to the user to facilitate connection.

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A completely custom social media plan for your church that is based around the sermon that is preached every week.  

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Google Ad Grant

There is no better way to get online visitors in your doors than through the Google Ad Grant. It's $10,000 a month in free ads!

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Custom Web Design

We create visually stunning websites tailored to your unique needs. That means you aren't paying extra for features you don't want and will never use.

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Hello there!
I'm Zach Green

I started this company to help churches connect with their community, online and in person. Follow me on social!

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